When The Laurels Wither (Sir Henry Havelock), 2016, Digital Print, 70.5 x 50.3 cm

When The Laurels Wither (Sir Henry Havelock).jpg

When The Laurels Wither (Sir Henry Havelock), 2016, tackles the propagation of colonial history embedded into the digital archive. Part of the Mosul series, this work highlights the problematic 3D scan of Sir Henry Havelock's statue. This British General is most remembered for "taming" the Indian Mutiny of 1857, which to our contemporary standards would be called a desire for self-determination from Indian people. By seeing this, I decided to reassess this contentious History and act upon it. I wondered what would look such a sculpture today, knowing all the accomplishments made toward India's independence. I therefore chose to melt this sculpture, transforming it from glorious memory to something that looks almost as if it had been mismade.  To reinforce this transition of power, the background color is the exact yellow saffron that we find nowadays in the Indian flag. 

Mosul is the use of the 3D archive as a tool to reveal and challenge the link between art, creation of knowledge and dominant power in the digital era. Consisting of digital prints videos and sculptures, this project aims at broadening the vision of History and Archiving.

The attacks on the Mosul Museum in February 2015 sparked a vast initiative to digitize and preserve important works and monuments. By creating a 3D archive of these original works and making them available to everyone on internet, a fundamental shift operated which is reshaping our relation towards Art and how we experience it. Through this digital translation, we are stripping away the market value and the aura of each and every original piece to, instead, emphasize on cultural value.

Moreover, Derrida points out in Archive Fever that “There is no political power without a control of the archive, if not memory.”1 This led me to search for who or which institutions were controlling and purveying objects. I discovered that even though the archive started as a way to counter the destruction of artworks in the Mosul museum, It quickly became a tool for Western institution to propagate it's History. The 3D archive became then for me a way to highlight and hinder this phenomenon by transforming the files and creating my own anti-archive.


1Jacques Derrida, Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression, trans. Eric Prenowitz (Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1995): 4

                                                                   Curriculum Vitae



2012--Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Montreal, Canada
         Bachelor in Fine and Media Art.

Solo Exhibitions

2015--Les Mauvais Joueurs, Endless Editions at R. Jampol Project(s), New York, USA
          Sunny, Stevenson Union Gallery, Oregon, USA
2012--Until I Find A Better Word For It, Dino Eli gallery, New-York, USA
          Seed Program, Sukiwa Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Biennials, Fairs and Residencies

2017--Web Biennial, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey (TBA)
2016--The Studios, Residency at the MASS MoCA, North Adams, USA
          Saint-Lambert Contemporary Art Fair, Saint Lambert, Canada
          Santorini Biennial, Santorini, Greece
          Papier 16 Fair, Quai 16, Montreal, Canada
          Art Souterrain Festival, Montreal, Canada
2015--Papier 15, Complexe De Gaspe, Montreal, Canada
2014--Wassaic Artist Residency, Wassaic, USA
2011---International Young Artists' Fine Arts Colony: Co-operate Vol. 5,Residency Program
             at the Lendava museum, Lendava, Slovenia
          開花/ That Is Why Flower Blooms/L'Eclosion, BankArt 1929 Residency program, Yokohama, Japan

Collective Exhibitions

2016--10 YEARS, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montreal, Canada
          Ten Artists To Watch, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Arts, Los Angeles, USA
2015--Salonukah, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
          Postcards From The Edge, Luhring Augustine gallery, New York, USA
          Another Hundred People, Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
2014--Salonukah, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, USA
          Reperage Loto-Quebec, Museum of contemporary Art in Laurentians, Saint-Jerome, Canada
          Endless, Con Artists Collective, New-York, USA
2013--Salonukah, Recession Art Show, New-York, USA
          Fluctuations, Recession Art Show, New-York, USA
          Miniatures, Espace Projet, Montreal, Canada
          Geotheism, North End Studios, Detroit, USA
          Under New Management, ODD Gallery, Klondike Art Institute, Yukon, Canada
2012--Auction, Museum of contemporary Art in Laurentians, Saint-Jerome, Canada
          Five By Five, Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, USA
2011---Cluster-クラスター、Gallery 7, Tokyo, Japan
2010--One Hundred Million Notes , Kishimojin Temple,Tokyo, Japan
          Auction, Museum of contemporary Art in Laurentians, Saint-Jérôme, Canada

Grants and Awards

2016--Runner-up, Juried Competition @ LACDA
2014--Wassaic Artist Residency Fellowship
          Travel Grant, Arts and Letters' Council of Quebec
2013--Travel Grant, Arts and Letters' Council of Quebec
          Visual Artists' Grant, S.O.D.EC

          Loto-Quebec Collection
          Museum of contemporary art in Laurentians
          Lendava Museum
          New Ark Library
          Private Collections


2015---Slaughterhouse /L'Abattoir, Arsenal Art Contemporain, Montreal, Canada
2012---Overture, Gallery 7, Tokyo, Japan