Statement / démarche

''We provisionally give the name differance to this sameness which is not identical: by the silent writing of its a, it has the desired advantage to referring to differing; both as spacing / temporalizing  and as the movement that structures every dissociation'' Jacques Derrida in ''Differance'', 1968

My conceptual practice aims at destabilizing and questioning structures we are asked to accept, may they be cultural, societal or historical . By deconstructing the way I've learned to interpret subjects such as language, desire, archive, interrelationship or even games, I find new assemblage that gives me the possibility to rethink every system. I therefore mix language with traditional craft, love with sexcams, 3D and post-colonialism, as to actualize notions generally taken as understood.

No structure is infallible, nothing is stable ; the world is an ever changing photograph.