Pierre Chaumont
Pierre Chaumont


Statement / Démarche


''We provisionally give the name differance to this sameness which is not identical: by the silent writing of its a, it has the desired advantage to referring to differing; both as spacing / temporalizing  and as the movement that structures every dissociation''

                                                                                 Jacques Derrida in ''Differance'', 1968


No structure is infallible, nothing is stable ; the world is an ever changing photograph. It is in this state of mind that I'd like you to enter, dear viewer. While here, keep in mind that everything we know can be thought anew. Everything. Remind yourself that there is always in parallel to what our society has taught us other ways of doing, understanding and apprehending what surrounds us. All these are now yours, and even if some might be difficult to accept, you have to consider them.

“So why should I value specifically mine?” you might ask. That is exactly my question.

But what if we first examined these other possibilities instead of choosing right now? So, if you want, let us look together at these spacing and dissociation; in short, at this differance. It will inevitably lead us somewhere.

Here are some of the ones I've found before you arrived.